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Zendo is an easy to use meditation device that is designed to be worn on your forehead to boost meditation benefits and reduce the time and practice commitments. It's a new tool that is changing the way people meditate around the world.

Meditating with Zendo outperforms traditional and app-based meditation practice by 2.5X. Join the hundreds of beginner and expert meditators using Zendo to make their meditation more efficient.

Using Zendo is as easy as 3 steps - put on your forehead pad, pick your mode, and meditate for 20 minutes. Zendo will deliver gentle stimulation to help give you deeper and more immediate meditation effects.

Why Offer Zendo To Your Small Group?

Zendo is the new way to accelerate and deepen meditation practice. By offering Zendo to your customers, you are offering the most advanced, brain-based meditation practice available today. It enables you to stand out from other coaches and trainers in your area and online - as we offer limited professional licenses in regional areas. All of this ultimately results in higher revenue generated for your small group and an elite experience for your customers.

What's Included:

Enhanced Meditation

Zendo is 2.5X more effective than traditional meditation. Give your customers an enhanced experience.

Zendo Certification

Retail licenses and training to offer and teach with Zendo. Discounts for retailers and customers available

Continued Support

We will help you stand out from other meditation and yoga providers. Our founders are dedicated to your success.

Buy Now. Pay Later.

Pay over time with Affirm, our official payment partner that makes Zendo affordable to all budgets. Starting at $46/month.

What Comes With My Zendo Small Group Package

Zendo Professional - Small Group Package

  • 3 Zendo System

  • 150 Zendo Pads to Start. Additional pads $5.

  • Travel Case with cables and mirror

  • User Guide (also can be found online in video format)

  • 1:1 onboarding and Zendo certification for two instructors

  • Commercial/retail use license allowing you to generate revenue using Zendo

  • Ongoing support and video conferencing with our founding team to optimize your Zendo utilization

Compare And Learn About Other Packages

Coach, Small Group, & Studio Packages

We offer three retail wellness packages, outlined in the table below. They vary in terms of:

  • Number of systems and pads included in your initial package
  • Price of recurring pads purchases
  • Number of Zendo Certifications
  • Ability to Wholesale/Retail Zendo Systems

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How Zendo Works

Zendo Activates the Brain's Meditation Areas

Our team of neuroscientists, meditators, and doctors developed Zendo to activate the meditation areas of your brain to allow you to immediately experience meditation without long commitments of time or practice. In 2015, the founders of Zendo were the world's first group of scientists to discover that we can use low levels of electricity to activate these brain targets and in fact accelerate the meditation process. From there they spent 5 years creating a safe and easy system that you can is designed to be worn on your forehead to give you a powerful meditation experience.

Meditating with Zendo outperforms traditional and app-based meditation practice by 2.5X. It reduces your monkey mind's chatter by 33% and reduces your stress by 75% after just a single 20 minute session. It's a new tool that is changing the way people meditate.

Video User Guide

Our Story

Zendo is the New Way To Meditate Made By Brain Experts

Meditation is a BIG word. A loaded word. It’s A LOT to take on for anybody in our busy and chaotic lives. Because while its benefits are widely known, it’s full of sacrificial choices and commitments like time, dedication, and prioritizing it over our daily routine.

This is why we built Zendo. Zendo makes meditation easier and replaces all the reasons not to meditate with reasons to meditate. We are built on science, truth and transparency and have an advanced and safe meditation tool for you to use in your journey. Meditation is not just sitting still anymore. We call this Transforming Transformation.

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