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Zendo Pads are specially designed to be used with your Zendo system. Use a fresh pad each time you use Zendo. Make sure to select your preferred size based on comfort and fit. All Zendo Pads orders come with Free Shipping.

Please Note: Your Starter Kit already comes with 20 Zendo Pads. This store item is for ordering additional Zendo Pads.

Our Story

Zendo is Transforming Transformation

Life is hard and stressful. You are looking for experiences and things to do to take a break and settle your mind. You might try meditation because you read its good for you. Your friend’s friend is doing it. It will help you feel more calm, centered, and focused. There’s tons of apps and gadgets and coaches and studios. You try them. It’s weird. It’s hard. It's stressful. You’re more stressed and confused than when you started. And then you stop.


This is why we built Zendo. Zendo makes meditation easier and replaces all the reasons not to meditate with reasons to meditate. We are built on science, truth and transparency and have an advanced and safe meditation tool for you to use in your journey. Meditation is not just sitting still anymore. We call this Transforming Transformation.

The Science

Zendo Activates The Brain's Meditation Areas

Researchers have been looking at the brain effects of meditation for decades. In 2014 a group of researchers tried to find if there were common brain areas between over 300 meditators. Why? Well, the effects of meditation are great and are difficult to attain. Perhaps if we knew what parts of the brain change, we can begin to understand it's amazing benefits.

So what's the answer? Well they found that there are eight brain areas consistently altered in meditators - and some of these areas are involved in memory, emotional regulation, sensory and body awareness, and higher level brain communication. (Study Link)

Zendo was developed to activate these parts of your brain to give your brain a boost. In 2015, the founders of Zendo were the world's first group of scientists to discover that we can use low levels of electricity to activate these brain targets and in fact accelerate the meditation process. And Zendo was born.  

What's in the Box?

What's In Your Pads Order

  • 10 Zendo pads (1 Month Supply)
  • Please select you size (large or small) before adding to cart. Pick size based on the size of your forehead or preference from starter kit use.
  • Skin Cleansing Wipes

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