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Need More Pads? You're In The Right Place.

Additional Zendo Pads are purchased in increments of 10. Please pick your size (small or large) as you are adding your pads to the cart. Please remember that your starter kit comes with 20 pads to get you going, and most people use about 5-10 pads per month.

Why Zendo?

Zendo is Built on Science

Zendo was created by professors at the Medical University of South Carolina

Meditation Benefits, Faster

The benefits of meditation take a long time, Zendo helps you speed them up

For All Levels of Meditation

Zendo is used by a wide range of meditators, from beginners all the way up to experts

What's in the Box?

What's Included

- 10 additional Zendo Pads (1-2 month supply)

How Zendo Works

Zendo Boosts the Effects of Meditation Practice

Our team of neuroscientists, meditators, and doctors developed Zendo to activate the meditation areas of your brain to allow you to immediately experience meditation without long commitments of time or practice. In 2015, the founders of Zendo were the world's first group of scientists to discover that we can use low levels of electricity to activate these brain targets and in fact accelerate the meditation process. From there they spent 5 years creating a safe and easy system that you can is designed to be worn on your forehead to give you a powerful meditation experience.

Meditating with Zendo outperforms traditional and app-based meditation practice by 2.5X. It reduces your monkey mind's chatter by 33% and reduces your stress by 75% after just a single 20 minute session. It's a new tool that is changing the way people meditate.

Our Story

Zendo is a New Way To Meditate

Meditation is a BIG word. A loaded word. It’s A LOT to take on for anybody in our busy and chaotic lives. Because while its benefits are widely known, it’s full of sacrificial choices and commitments like time, dedication, and prioritizing it over our daily routine.

This is why we built Zendo. Zendo makes meditation easier and replaces all the reasons not to meditate with reasons to meditate. We are built on science, truth and transparency and have an advanced and safe meditation tool for you to use in your journey. Meditation is not just sitting still anymore. We call this Transforming Transformation.