The Sold-Out Meditation Device Everyone's Been Talking About

We created the world's first brain stimulation device designed to give your meditation practice a boost - and it sold out faster than we can make it. Join the waitlist to get updates about the new Zendo coming soon!

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A Modern Neuroscience Approach to Centuries Old Practice

Some of the world's brightest neuroscientists and doctors came together to create Zendo. Zendo uses a gentle electrical current to activate the parts of the brain involved in advanced meditation practice. Stimulating these frontopolar and insula regions of your brain helps nudge your body into relaxing calm and your brain into a blissful peace.

2.5X More Effective Than Meditation Apps

There are thousands of meditation apps and tools. Zendo isn't another distracting app or gadget - it's a unique system that when tested head to head against meditation apps, gives you 2.5X greater benefit. Zendo gives you immediate benefits in your first session.

When Will The New Zendo Be Released?

We will be announcing the new Zendo very soon. Join the waitlist to be informed of updates and to have early access to the Zendo Pre-Sale and promotions.

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  • Feels like I’m on a silent retreat

    For intermediate meditators like myself, Zendo has been like a gift of stillness that helps me enjoy just being.

    -Madison Martin

  • Game changer!

    I've been averaging 20 min 6/7 days a week with it, and it feels like I've meditated for an hour each time.

    -Diane Khalsa

  • A technology boost for meditation

    The Zendo unit has given me a noticeable boost. I definitely feel more calm when I'm meditating, and I can sink deeper into the practice.

    -Greg B

  • Gratitude for the development of Zendo

    Razor sharp concentration, deeper calm, profound fluidity in the senses and a deeper sense of joy and compassion have been the result of Zendo.

    -Shelly Young

  • Perspective shift

    I no longer worry about how busy my mind is at the start or how much time I have to sit. Zendo always gives me the calm and centering I need in those first 20 minutes.


  • "Lane Assist” for your Mind

    I have used the Zendo 4-5 times weekly for 5 weeks and find it acts as a “Lane Assist” to help focus during my meditation.

    -Charles Jessee

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We Still Support First-Gen Zendo Users

We are still here to support first-gen Zendo users. E-mail support ( and we will make sure to get back to you for

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