Introducing Zendo

The modern meditation device that helps you be more calm, focused and relaxed. Experience immediate effects from your meditation practice without time or practice commitments.

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How it Works

We intentionally built Zendo as an easy to use, standalone meditation device. It doesn't connect to your phone or wifi - it's a simple excuse to disconnect you from distractions.
1. Wear your pads

Simply clean your skin with a provided wipe and place them on your forehead. Zendo pads are made with hypoallergenic and skin-safe materials.

2. Pick your mode

With Zendo, more is not better - it's all about finding your personal favorite mode. 47% of users prefer Mode 2 and our founders can help you with optimization.

3. Supercharge your zen

All Zendo sessions are 20 minutes and are about equal to 1 hour of app-based meditation. Get meditation benefits immediately with little effort.

  • Meditation On Demand

    That same enlightened state that used to take 2 hours of sitting on a cushion can now be achieved in 20 minutes in your home. Zendo meditation sessions last only 20 minutes are 2.5X more effective than app-based or traditional meditation alone.

    Zendo is your personal meditation device designed to help you become more calm and focused. Give your meditation practice a boost by using Zendo to speed up the effects of traditional or app-based meditation practice. Modern meditation is easier
  • Developed By Neuroscientists

    Serious brain power was used to create Zendo. Some of the world's brightest doctors and scientists came together to create a meditation assistance tool to make meditation more accessible. Read more about the Zendo story to learn about the details here.

  • Risk Free for 30-days

    Give yourself permission to feel good - today. Zendo lets you experience immediate effects of meditation with less mindless hustle. We are so confident you'll like it, we'll give you your money back if you don't.

  • Group Packages Available

    We are beginning to offer Zendo at select meditation centers and studios. Want to offer Zendo to your organization? Contact us and we can make it happen.

Experience Modern Meditation

Zendo is not a brain tracker, it's a brain activator, designed to stimulate the meditation centers of the brain.

  • Virtual Onboarding With Our Founders Included

    Using a new piece of hardware can be daunting, but we won't leave you hanging. All customers receive a 30min virtual onboarding with one of our founders to make sure you get the most out of your Zendo.

  • 2.5x More Effective Than Meditation Apps Alone

    There are thousands of meditation apps and tools. Zendo isn't another distracting app or gadget - it's a unique system that when tested head to head against meditation apps, gives you 2.5X greater benefit. Zendo gives you immediate benefits in your first session.

  • Created by Doctors and Backed by Science

    Zendo was created by a team of scientists and doctors out of the Medical University of South Carolina who are world experts in neuromodulation. They built this for their own meditation practice, and it was so good they brought it to you.

  • Enough Pads to Get you Zero to Zen in Two Months

    Most meditators use Zendo two or three times a week, and we have included enough pads to last you two months of consistent use. After two months, some people have achieved a level of meditation proficiency that they don't need as many pads. Others become exclusively Zendo meditators.

Don't Just Take Our Word

Read what Zendo users are saying about their experience

"I have seen encouraging changes during meditation such as an acuity to the present moment with a smooth transition into calmness...I feel motivated with intention and direction"

"Best thing I bought during quarantine"

"I have been using the Zendo system for a few weeks now and find it easy to incorporate into my busy lifestyle to focus on relaxation... The system is refreshingly easy to utilize and within just a few moments of starting a session.. Think of ZENDO as a ZEN TRAINER that gets you to a relaxed state quickly and effectively and enhances the quality of your thought life."

"Totally took my meditation sessions to the next level. Anyone who meditates within seconds the difference when using the Zendo system. It's easy, effective, and powerful. "

"I have used guided productive meditation recordings from the age of 14 with excellent benefits. When I added Zendo to the mix boom!! amazing results. Thank you for creating amazing tech!"

"I didn’t know what meditation was until I used a zendo. I tried the prototype and then proceeded to wait (sometimes patiently, sometimes impatiently) for its official release 3 years later. I briefly considered begging them to let me buy a prototype, but I didn’t want them to think I was nuts. Well let me tell you, it was worth the wait!! I don’t know how I would have made it through 2020 without my zendo, but I’m so glad I didn’t have to. Thank you for building this!!!"

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