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Zendo Takes The Stress and Guesswork Out of Meditation

Zendo is your personal meditation device designed to give your meditation practice a boost. It accelerates the effects of meditation and reduces the time and effort commitments. It's meditation on-demand and makes meditation easier and less stressful.

Meditation has been sitting still for 5,000 years. Until Now.

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What People Are Saying About Zendo

"I felt like I had a great hour nap but awake the whole time. I feel like my mind is rested...I love this thing."

-Zendo User, Austin TX

What People Are Saying About Zendo

"Best thing I’ve bought during quarantine."

-Georgia, Charleston SC

What People Are Saying About Zendo

"...people with more than 10 years of meditation experience are skilled at deactivating their default mode network...Brain stimulation seems to fast-track that process."

-Helen Thompson, New Scientist

What People Are Saying About Zendo

"I have seen encouraging changes during meditation such as an acuity to the present moment with a smooth transition into calmness...I feel motivated with intention and direction"

-Patrick W, Major League Baseball Player

What People Are Saying About Zendo

“I use it every week as part of my mental preparation not just for baseball, but also for the day.  The device assists me in my routine while on the path of reaching my goals both on and off the field.”

-Trevor L. Professional Baseball Top 100 Prospect

Less Mindless Hustle. More Mindful Magic.

Serious brain power was used to create Zendo. Some of the world's brightest doctors and scientists came together to create a meditation assistance tool to make meditation more accessible. Read more about the Zendo story to learn about the details.

The Zendo Story