Getting Started

New to Zendo? Watch the 8-minute orientation video below that includes an overview, unboxing, and how to use your new Zendo System

Using Zendo in 4 Easy Steps 

Unbox Your System and Learn What's Inside

Clean Your Skin With Provided Cleansing Wipes

Put On Your Zendo Pads and Make Sure They Stick Well

Select Your Mode and Meditate - All Sessions are 20 Minutes

Zendo Usage Recommendation

We have some suggestions to guide your initial use of your Zendo system. You should try all three modes (1, 2, and 3) in your first three sessions. Start with mode 1 which is the most gentle and work your way up to mode 3. After your first three sessions, pick your favorite mode and use it every three days. Some people may benefit from using Zendo five days in a row followed by every three days as described below.

Example Zendo use schedule:

Monday: Mode 1

Tuesday: Mode 2

Wednesday: Mode 3

Thursday & Friday: Favorite Mode

Saturday & Sunday: Days Off

Week 2+: Favorite Mode Every 3 days

Picking Your Mode

We love science and from analyzing our user's preferred mode, we can let you know what percentage of users prefer each mode.

20% of users prefer Mode 1

47% of users prefer Mode 2

33% of users prefer Mode 3

Zendo Beginner's Course

You're not in this alone. Zendo Co-Founder Dr. Baron Short has created a Beginner's Course that helps guide you through your first few sessions to make sure you get the most of your Zendo.