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Using Zendo

Who can use Zendo?

You must be at least 18 years old to use Zendo. There is no maximum age of use.

You cannot use Zendo if you have any of the following: a)incapable of giving consent b)metal implanted in your body c)are pregnant d)have a skin condition that affects your forehead and temple e)have a seizure disorder. f)have current skin burns, cuts or lesions on your forehead and temple

You also should not use Zendo in conjuction with alcohol or other mind altering substances (including cannabis, psychedelics, etc)

+ Is Zendo FDA approved? Can I use Zendo to help my anxiety, depression, or pain?

No, Zendo is not a medical device, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Zendo is recreational health and wellness device used only to enhance your meditation practice. It is not FDA approved nor intended as a treatment for medical conditions.

+ What happens if I put the Zendo Pad on other parts of my head?

Zendo Pads are specifically designed and studied to enhance meditation. Putting the Zendo Pads on other parts of your head will not enhance your meditation and may be unsafe. Please don't do this.


Meditating With Zendo

What does Zendo feel like?

Zendo feels like a tingling, warm sensation on your skin underneath your pads. This feeling is there for the first 2-3 minutes of your session and goes away after.

Many people notice the peak meditation effects during the session and for 2-3 hours after the Zendo session. With regular use, people may notice carry over effects lasting into the next day and the peak effects lasting 4-6 hours.

What do I do during the 20 minute session?

We recommend you meditate during your Zendo session. Zendo can be used with any form of meditation practice - most users pair Zendo with meditation apps, music, private meditation instruction, and retreats. Feel free to use what works best for you. If you don’t have a practice, we recommend using Brightmind Meditation App, which is included for free to purchasers of the Zendo Starter Kit.

I had some interesting experiences arise during my meditation experience, who can I talk with about this?

Occasionally, people may have prior stressful experiences or thoughts emerge during meditation. This is where a teacher can be of benefit. For some folks, short term talk therapy may be useful to address psychological content that meditation itself can bring back into awareness. Addressing psychological content with support of a qualified therapist can enhance well-being, performance in relationships and work, and self-transformation. Rarely, people can experience real distress from meditation practice. One known resource in this setting can be found on [https://www.cheetahhouse.org]

Can I meditate with the pads on my head even when Zendo is done?

Yes. Some people prefer to continue their meditation practice beyond the 20-minute Zendo session due to the enhancement of the meditation and sense of ease to meditate for longer. In this instance you may leave the Zendo Pad on your head while continuing your meditation. Alternatively, you may remove the Zendo Pad and continue your meditation session.

Can I use Zendo while I do yoga, walk, or other physical activity?

We don't recommend moving during your Zendo session. Physical activity and movement may cause Zendo Pads to fall off your head.

Can I use Zendo with other people using their own Zendo?

Yes, it can be very rewarding and fun to use Zendo at the same time as other users.

Is there a way to connect with other Zendo users?

We have a facebook page (@ZendoMeditation) where users can connect and organize groups.


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