Zendo is a Brain Activator Built for Meditation

Zendo isn't another meditation app or fitness tracker, its a new tool to get you there faster.

Zendo is Easy to Use

Zendo is easy to use and works like this - sit in a comfortable position in a chair or on a cushion. Put your Zendo Pads on your forehead. Select your favorite mode on your handheld system and hit start. Zendo sessions last 20 minutes and all you have to do is close your eyes and breathe. Zendo does the rest for you.

We offer free, live virtual onboarding and training for all Zendo customers. We love meeting new Zendo users and are here to make sure you meet all your health and wellness goals.

Let Zendo Do The Work

Zendo is a modern meditation device that uses neuromodulation technology to quickly give you the benefits of meditation by activating the meditation centers of your brain. What does that mean? Well, it means that you finally can give yourself permission to sit for 20 minutes and become more calm, focused, and relaxed without any training or prior meditation experience. There are no apps to download, no tapes to listen to, retreats you need to attend. All levels of meditator are welcome, in fact the majority of Zendo users have no formal meditation training or practice.

Featured Zendo Users

You don't have to have any meditation experience to find profound effects with Zendo. Just close your eyes and breathe.

Baseball Player

Patrick Wisdom

Meditation Teacher

Sanshin Russell

Meditation Teacher

Miles Bukiet

Scientist & Coach

Lindsay Briner

Meet the Founders

Zendo was created by internationally recognized brain experts and co-founders Dr. Bashar Badran (Left) and Dr. Baron Short (Right).

Bashar is a neuroscientist, professor of psychiatry at the Medical University of South Carolina, and director of the Neuro-X Lab. Baron is a physician dual trained in medicine and psychiatry who is also a professor at the Medical University of South Carolina and director of the Brain Stimulation Service.

Between them they have 20 years of experience creating new interventions for brain disorders. Both avid meditators, they have been friends for nearly a decade and created Zendo after discovering it in their academic lab.