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Step 1- Commonly Asked Questions

Optimizing Your Zendo Experience

How many times can I do Zendo per day? Per week?

A single 20-minute Zendo session per day is safe and effective to enhance your meditation practice. Commonly people use Zendo 2-5 times a week after the best mode is found.

Can I do Zendo for longer than 20 minutes?

It is not well studied if more than 20 minutes of Zendo per day is more effective. We do not recommend using Zendo for more than 20 minutes per session.

Can I use Zendo for less than 20 minutes?

Zendo has not been studied in use less than 20 minutes. Commonly more of the effects occur in the latter part of the Zendo session, therefore we recommend 20 minutes for an optimal experience.

Can I share Zendo with my friends?

You have purchased Zendo and have agreed that you will use it properly. Bodhi NeuroTech is not responsible for third parties that use Zendo who have not self-screened for reasons to not use Zendo. Examples include metal in the head, history of seizures, severe traumatic brain injury, or injured skin in areas Zendo would be applied.

What mode should I use?

Please see the user guide for details. We recommend using Mode 1 for session 1, Mode 2 for session 2, Mode 3 for session 3 and subsequently use your favorite mode. In our studies, the majority of people longitudinally prefer Mode 2, but individual differences matter. Find the mode that works best for you.

Can I take Zendo Pads off before the session is done?

You must press START/STOP and let the timer count down from 30 seconds to 0 before you take your Zendo pad off. The timer will zero and show 20:00 but not restart the timer unless you press the START/STOP button again

Can I switch modes in the middle of a session?

You may hit START/STOP and let the timer countdown from 30 seconds. Then you may select a different mode and press START/STOP again for a 20-minute countdown for your Zendo session.

Device Questions

Do I need to charge Zendo when I get it?

Yes we recommend fully charging your Zendo device before first use.

How often do I need to charge Zendo?

We recommend fully charging your Zendo when the battery meter reaches 2 bars. Correct charging optimizes Zendo use and prevents a potential drop in your Zendo session over subsequent uses.

My charger cable doesn’t have a wall outlet plug, where do I get one?

The included USB charging cable easily connects to existing USB charging adapters or USB ports found in computers, some outlets, and other electronic devices.

How do I turn Zendo on and off?

Press the orange center button to Zendo for 2 seconds. Press and hold the same orange center button for about 4 seconds to turn Zendo off. If Zendo is on but not in active use, it will turn itself completely off after 3 minutes if you don’t manually turn it off. It’s easy to know if Zendo is in active use; the timer is counting down and there is a flashing blue light around the center power button.

How do I start the Zendo session?

Please refer to the Zendo User Guide for instructions in how to start a Zendo session.

What do I do if my device doesn’t turn on?

Be sure to charge Zendo by plugging the USB charging cables into the Zendo and connect it to a power source. Let Zendo charge for one hour and recheck if you can turn Zendo on by pressing the orange center button for 2 seconds.

Is Zendo off after the timer is no longer counting down?

Zendo can be on but not actively delivering stimulation. If the timer is no longer counting down but the display is on with the 20:00 timer, then Zendo is on but not delivering stimulation.

How do I turn Zendo off after I started a mode?

Press the START/STOP portion of the button wheel. The timer will start counting down over 30 seconds and beep once the count down is complete. The timer will reset to 20:00 minutes but no longer delivery stimulation. Do not take Zendo Pad off before the 30 second timer is complete.

Pads Questions

My Zendo Pad isn't sticking to my skin, what do I do?

We recommend that you ensure you have prepped your skin appropriately. Please review the user guide for skin preparation.

How many times can I use the pad?

Zendo Pads are for one time use only.

Please dispose of your Zendo Pad after one use.

I Prefer the large or small pads, what should I do with the pads I don't use?

That’s up to you - users often settle on either using large or small pads. For this reason, we have provided both sizes in your starter kit for free, which will help you decide which you like best. Due to hygeine and safety reasons, the starter kit pads are non-returnable so we suggest using them all or gifting them to a friend that has a Zendo.

Can I use any skin wipes?

Yes you can - we recommend 70% formulations.

Can pads go over hair?

Zendo Pads can go over portions of hair but will not work well if a majority of Zendo pad is in the hairline. If you are using a large Zendo Pad with a majority of the Zone 2 pad in the hairline then try using the small Zendo Pad instead.

What if I mix the black and white snaps? What happens?

Zendo has been studied in this specific location of the head with specific stimulation settings. Reversing the wire snaps have not been studied. While it would not be dangerous, it would not optimize how Zendo can enhance your meditation and not part of the terms and conditions you agreed to.

Skin Related Questions

Is it normal that the sensation on my skin doesn’t go away during the Zendo session?

For most people, the majority of skin sensations occur over the first few minutes within a Zendo session followed by a reduction of skin sensation. For some people, the skin sensations do not reduce over the 20-minute session.

The pads are uncomfortable, what do I do?

We recommend using Mode 1 if Modes 2 or 3 are uncomfortable for you. Make sure you clean your skin with the alcohol prep pads provided. Make sure you use a new pad for every session.

My skin is red after a session, is this ok?

It is common people will have redness for 30 minutes after a Zendo session. Some people barely have any redness while others it can be quite pronounced. We recommend not using Zendo and then attending an important social meeting shortly afterwards, unless you already know how read your skin becomes.

If your skin is dry or red for a prolonged period of time, we recommend you apply your favorite lotion.

I have sunburn on my face, can I use Zendo?

You should not use Zendo if you have sunburn or any skin issues on your forehead or right temple.

LED Warning Lights

Flashing Blue

This means your Zendo is ON and you are actively in the middle of a 20 minute session.

Flashing Red

This means there is suboptimal connectivity within the Zendo system. Be sure the Snap cables are plugged into Zendo and Zendo Pad. Be sure the Zendo pad is in the correct location of Zone 1 and 2. If the pads are loose, then press Zendo Pad firmly to correct Zones. Turn Zendo off and back on to recheck if connectivity issues have resolved as indicated by no longer having a red flashing light around the orange center button.

Solid Red

This means your zendo is plugged in to the USB charger and actively charging.

Solid Blue

This means your zendo is fully charged.

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How to Return Your Zendo

We accept returns of any undamaged Zendo starter kits provided we have received your Return Request Ticket within 30 days of your initial purchase date. Please fill out a return request ticket using our support form above to initiate the process.

Our return policy can be found here.