Why We Created Zendo

Life is hard and stressful. You are looking for experiences and things to do to take a break and settle your mind. You might try meditation because you read its good for you. Your friend’s friend is doing it. It will help you feel more calm, centered, and focused. There’s tons of apps and gadgets and coaches and studios. You try them. It’s weird. It’s hard. It's stressful. You’re more stressed and confused than when you started. And then you stop.


Meditation is a BIG word. A loaded word. It’s A LOT to take on for anybody in our busy and chaotic lives. Because while its benefits are widely known, it’s full of sacrificial choices and commitments like time, dedication, and prioritizing it over our daily routine.


This is why we built Zendo. Zendo makes meditation easier and replaces all the reasons not to meditate with reasons to meditate. We are built on science, truth and transparency and have an advanced and safe meditation tool for you to use in your journey. Meditation is not just sitting still anymore. We call this Transforming Transformation.

Our Founders

Zendo was created by co-founders Dr. Bashar Badran and Dr. Baron Short. Bashar is a neuroscientist, professor of psychiatry at the Medical University of South Carolina, and director of the Neuro-X Lab. Baron is a physician dual trained in medicine and psychiatry who is also a professor at the Medical University of South Carolina and director of the Brain Stimulation Service. Between them they have 20 years of experience creating new interventions for brain disorders. Both avid meditators, they have been friends for nearly a decade and created Zendo after discovering it in their academic lab.

Neuroscience Discovers

We love “the hunt.” We love seeking deeper understanding – of our world, of our society, and of ourselves. Zendo is built on a backbone of science, made by some of the smartest leaders in science and medicine on the planet. That’s why it has the power to make people feel transformed and be better every day. It’s why we consider it our gift to the world.

Compressed Meditation

The effects of meditation take a long time. And on the way there it’s a total pain. You find yourself wondering if you’re doing it right. If you are experiencing what you’re supposed to be. If you need to quit your job and go to a monastery for six months to figure it out. Who has time for this? We agree. That’s why we made Zendo. It compresses meditation - what used to take months and years of training you can now realize in 20 minutes.

Made for All

You’ve either thought about trying to meditate, tried an app or two, been on a few retreats, or you’re somewhere in between. Everyone can benefit from using Zendo. That’s why Zendo is being used by everyone - including busy parents, athletes, students, professionals, and those just interested in trying meditation for the first time.